Tuesday, June 8, 2010

So this is my first blog!! I am a blogger virgin~lol~
Today Kailey went into her neurologist appointment. When we weighed her she hit 40 pounds!!! She was 7 in May!! She is my little peanut! She was born at 27 weeks into my pregnancy weighing only 2 pounds! She had many ups n downs in her first months of life. She was born early due to me developing life threatening Preeclampsia.... something in pregnancies that can take both our lives and almost did. She thrived and survived. She developed 2 brain bleeds one a grade 4 which is the most severe. we were told she could have mental retardation, be blind, never walk, cerebral palsy or death. She was 4 days old when we received that news. She was only diagnosed with a mild CP in February 2009!! Today we saw the results of those bleeds on her brain with a CT scan she had a few weeks ago. Her right side ventricle was enlarged... it was the smaller enlarge one with only being 25% bigger then the "normal".. This was her small bleed at birth. Her left side both ventricles were 3 times the "normal" size. So of course my stomach just dropped... is this bad??? then the doctor explained that is how they will stay. It is brain injury...hence the CP... It is nothing that we have to continue to monitor....unless we notice her to start having seizures... She is at higher risk for those since her ventricles are LARGE and she has the CP... She is 25-50% more at risk... but she may never have one...(LETS HOPE!) Her 3rd EEG showed that abnormality...but showed NO seizures!!!!! Just like the other 2, but we received more understanding of it today! Kailey is very lucky to be where she is today!!! She is doing well in school.
Part of the reason she also had the EEGs was to see if she was having seizures because she would start having starring spells...or was VERY and EASILY distracted.... but the dr. confirmed today it is ADD... they are ADD stares... he doesn't feel she needs medication unless it gets worse and interferes with school... thus far it hasn't (except for her starring off) she is reading a lil above level and average in math. She dosen't have any behavior issues either...She had a GREAT 1st grade teacher that has been very helpful. (even tho a certain someone doesn't feel the same... I am sure that will be another blog!!! lol)
Although these are "setbacks" they are so minor for what the fate of Kailey could have been! We are blessed she is here today. So she may not be that future head Cheerleader, neither was mom!!LOL... but she is a beautiful and happy little girl!!!


  1. Very nice first post. And let me be the first to welcome you to the Blogasphere as we know it.

    I have been blogging for over 3 years now, and love it. Check me out, but note that most of my readers are random bloggers from all over the world. I don't share with everyone I know, some people are a bit to sensative and just can't handle what I have to say. Again why we are all using secret names. Let me know what you think!

    Your neighbor, high school classmate, facebook friend, and now you shall know me as Queen of Feisty, or just Feisty, because parading around using "Queen" is just a bit bold.

    Anywho, thanks for sharing about Kailey.

  2. thanks for sharing Kailey with us. She is a beautiful little girl and you are an inspiring momma :). welcome to blogland!

  3. Thank you!! I should prob blog about my other one!! She is medically fine except for her speech!! and she is 3!!LOL

  4. i hope you keep up with this blog! thanks for sharing :)

  5. Keep this up, Tina -- its great to read about the girls and see about their progress! Love it! XO, Sarah & Tony